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I am often asked the question: At the age of 19 you certainly have other things to do, how did that come about? 

At first I just wanted to organize a race for junior classes to support the younger generation. Then, after the end of the cooperation between the Bavarian Cycling Association (BRV) and the Auto Eder team, a new situation arose. More or less spontaneously I came up with the idea of leading a U19 Bundesliga team in cooperation with the BRV. 

The concept was based on reciprocity, the BRV has the trainers and the vehicle fleet and I bring the interest in sponsors and the contacts to get good starting places. So in 2021 there was the first formation as Team Marco Brenner LV Bayern. Unfortunately, the collaboration didn't work out as we had hoped, so we decided to go our separate ways. 

Now I was faced with the decision of either stopping or continuing on my own. 

I took on the challenge with anticipation but also great respect. Supported by my dad, who will be the sporting director and supervisor of the team, Philipp Eger, my old school friend and a passionate cyclist himself, as supervisor/physio and Bodo Schwager from RSG Ansbach for the bureaucracy. 

So what is my role in Team Marco Brenner

I am the team owner of Team Marco Brenner and am responsible for marketing and management in the team. I conduct all the sponsor talks and have access to all social media channels. I also get all the starting places and send out reports because I still have good contacts with most of the organizers from my time as a junior. I only look a bit over the training of the boys, my father does the main work as a trainer. 

Why am I doing this? 

A question I am often asked. It also has something to do with cycling, but it's just a completely different facet of it. I get to know a lot of new people and have serious conversations and negotiations, I would never do something like that as a private person. It's a productive leisure activity and I manage to switch off mentally from my own profile life. 

I am in contact with young racing drivers and can help you with my knowledge and experience and I am very happy about that. If I can offer them structures in which they can develop further in order to become successful and if the athletes show me appreciation, then it's just first class and makes me happy. That's why I'm doing this. 

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